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4-week, no lock-in, PLATINUM Fitness First membership. View offer on groupon.

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Train with Fitness First

No strings attached

No lock-in contract. Membership does not automatically renew after 4 weeks.

Train wherever with Fitness First

Train wherever, whenever

With your Platinum membership, you can access 58 clubs across NSW, VIC and ACT.

Get rewarded with Upstreet + Fitness First

Get fit, get rewarded

Get rewarded with $19.50 in fractional share rewards (ETF ASX:FANG+) from Upstreet.

Upstreet - get rewarded with Fitness First

Earn more share rewards

Continue to get rewarded as you shop with Upstreet’s 400+ partner brands.

Get Fit.
Get Share Rewards.

Start your journey to physical & financial wellbeing.

A word about our partnership

Andy Chamoun, General Manager -FLG

“The opportunity to partner with Upstreet has allowed us to provide a new rewards package that we’ve never been able to offer. Not only are we excited to help get more people started on their fitness journey, but also get started on their investment portfolio with Upstreet.”

How it Works

It’s never been easier to get fit and earn shares.

Purchase a platinum Fitness First membership now

Pay $78.00 and receive $19.50 in fractional shares as a reward. Upon payment you will receive an email containing your voucher.

Schedule your Fitness First workout

Bring your voucher email to your first visit.

Redeem your Upstreet share rewards

Sign up or log-in to Upstreet’s app using your personalised link found in the purchase confirmation email.

A word about Upstreet

Earn rewards

Choose from 400 brands on Upstreet platform. Such as: Ebay, Catch

Get share rewards when you purchase with Fitness First

Join thousands

Join thousands who have already benefitted off Upstreet.

Get rewarded with Upstreet + Fitness First

Grow a protfolio

Watch your share reward portfolio grow.


Have questions? We’ve got the answers.

What does a Platinum Fitness First 4-week membership include?

Platinum membership gives you access to a full-service gym experience at any Fitness First gym in Australia. Fitness First Platinum clubs offer access to the highest quality facilities, products and personal trainers to help you achieve your fitness goals. Please note that this offer is not applicable to Barangaroo and Arena or Reformer classes.

Do I have to sign a 12 month contract with this membership?

No, that is part of the beauty of this offer. Your special offer is for a 4-week Platinum membership. If after the 4-week membership period you would like to transfer onto a 12-month membership, please talk to the staff at the counter of your local gym or sign-up online.

What Fitness First clubs will this membership give me access to?

With this voucher, you will be able to access all Fitness First clubs in Australia (excluding Barangaroo).

What if I am already a Fitness First member?

This 4 week membership offer only applies to new Fitness First members. In order to redeem your membership, you cannot have held any level of Fitness First membership in the last 3 months. For more information please visit the offer terms and conditions here.

How old do I need to be to take advantage of this offer?

Although Fitness First requires all gym members to be over the age of 16, in order to redeem the shares in this offer, the member must be over 18 years of age.

Can I use this offer more than once?

No, you may use this exclusive offer once. If at the end of this 4 week membership period you would like to transfer onto a 12-month membership, please talk to the staff at your club or sign-up online.

What is the expiry date of the voucher?

Your gym membership voucher will expire 2 months from the date of purchase if not redeemed.

How long do I have to redeem the share rewards?

You have 6 months from the date of purchase to redeem your share rewards.

What is Upstreet?

Upstreet is an Australian-based company that offers its members the ability to earn fractional shares every time you shop with over 400 brands. The Upstreet app is free to download. To learn more about Upstreet and how it works, click here.

What is an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)?

An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is a basket of various companie’s shares that can be bought and sold on an exchange. ETFs are typically grouped based on a specific theme or characteristic. When purchasing a 4-week Platinum membership voucher with Upstreet, you will receive 33% of the purchase value in a FANG ETF share. This ETF is a basket of technology stocks including Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google.

Can I sell my shares?

Yes, you may sell your shares 31 days after redemption of the shares by emailing Limitations apply see the PDS for more details.


Products issued by Melbourne Securities Corporation Limited. Please consider the PDS and TMD available on our website before purchasing. All information is considered general advice only.

Where do I go for additional questions?

For any questions or issues relating to your purchase or fractional shares, feel free to reach out to the friendly support team at

Available Locations


  • Fitness First Balgowlah Platinum
  • Fitness First Bondi Platinum
  • Fitness First Bondi Spring Street Platinum
  • Fitness First Carlingford
  • Fitness First Castle Hill
  • Fitness First Chatswood Platinum
  • Fitness First Wanda
  • Fitness First Darlinghurst Platinum
  • Fitness First Dee Why Platinum
  • Fitness First Erina Fair
  • Fitness First Hornsby
  • Fitness First Macquarie
  • Fitness First Maroubra
  • Fitness First Menai
  • Fitness First Mona Vale Platinum
  • Fitness First Mosman Platinum
  • Fitness First Newtown
  • Fitness First North Ryde
  • Fitness First North Strathfield


  • Fitness First North Sydney
  • Fitness First Parramatta
  • Fitness First Pennant Hills
  • Fitness First Kings Cross Platinum
  • Fitness First Randwick Platinum
  • Fitness First Rockdale
  • Fitness FirstTop Ryde Platinum
  • Fitness First St Leonards Platinum
  • Fitness First Sylvania
  • Fitness First Walker Street
  • Fitness First Willoughby Platinum
  • Fitness First Cronulla

Sydney CBD

  • Fitness First Bond Street Platinum
  • Fitness First George Street Platinum
  • Fitness First The Zone
  • Fitness First Market Street Platinum
  • Fitness First Park Street Platinum
  • Fitness First Pitt St Platinum

Australian Capital Territory

  • Fitness First Canberra City
  • Fitness First Deakin


  • Fitness First Elizabeth St
  • Fitness First Carindale
  • Fitness First Lutwyche
  • Fitness First Mermaid Waters
  • Fitness First Toowong
  • Fitness First Varsity Lakes
  • Fitness First Wynnum


  • Fitness First Bourke Street
  • Fitness First Brighton
  • Fitness First Doncaster
  • Fitness First Flinders Street Platinum
  • Fitness First Glen Waverley
  • Fitness First Bayside
  • Fitness First Malvern Valley
  • Fitness First Melbourne Central Platinum
  • Fitness First QV Platinum
  • Fitness First Richmond Platinum
  • Fitness First St Kilda
  • Fitness First Victoria Gardens